The vibrant magic

“It’s a marvellous spectacle to feel oneself in the soft and tender palm of the sky” declared Véronique Egloff one day. How could one express more fully what she carries in her heart, her spirit and in her vision of the world: to translate (transpose) into colour and form that vibration, that resonance of the cosmic being that we are, to be at the same time that listening ear and the active gesture of cosmic intelligence which is within us . In this senseless, often absurd world, she brings her goddess- mother femininity, a tireless creative fertility, an explosion of love difficult to contain on the small surface of her canvas and which bursts forth like a thousand suns. Her painting is expression, witness, poem, fusion. All the eros of creation is in each of her brush strokes. She has the gift of happiness, a vibrant sensuality the sadness of the setting sun, the brilliance of the moon and the stars in ones eyes. That is why her painting contains a living magic, beneficial and warming. It is only a fragment of her feminine soul , her fervour of being which she offers to each of us. 

 Art historian, art critic, philosopher, colloquium reporter “Science and Culture”-Unesco, Michel Random (1933-2008) is known for his numerous books (L’art Visionnaire – Nathan), films, photo exhibitions and for his many international conferences.